September 28th, 2022. Sonia Moumen was invitated to participate to the conférence « Repenser l’info en milieu rural » organised by the Festival de l’Info Locale de Nantes . She presented the project Rural stories, its objectives and its partners. Laurent Brunel summed up the points of views exchanged during the talk in an article published on

May 31st, 2022. The French newspaper Sud Ouest published an article presenting the project Rural stories as a masterclass on journalism organised with Les Reclusiennes a local festival of nowadays thought. « Rural stories accompanies, levels up and trains rural communities to create and conduct local e-medias […] »

Florence Bobillon, editor at answers Laura Grondard on the project Rural Stories : an intensive training to learn how to valorize local culture with the MoJO tools.

How journalists can report on cultural life in a rural area ? What tools can they use ? That’s what Sophie Guénébaut and Yuhan Zhan try to explain in this article published on the EPALE platform.